Squeeze Pinches

Tell me my efforts matter, I care about your opinion especially during darkened days trees sway, head droops, wishing for more than routine jobs common happenings in seclusion, whispered sobs

Perception more than a need, totally affects how much I breathe how long I proceed, you’ve gotten me away from cigarettes thrown away weed, wrestling bad food habits all tight and tighter pinches squeeze

Believe in mercy and grace from God The Perfect instead of a stern indifferent face, complaining I’m lukewarm spit from his presence banned from his face inadequate unseasonably under-seasoned taste unable to hold or keep pace

Writing for believers on corners, backslidden sons and daughters wanting to return, unbelievers sensing maybe lessons can be learned, only the sick need doctors humble yourselves repent abruptly turn, why gain temporal materials then burn?

I, just want diverse smiles in a completely safe place where we don’t need protection blessed as part of a better resurrection gifted from Love himself, what’s a gun, what’s a weapon, all we have here is beauty don’t understand the phrase please don’t shoot me

No oppression, no one saying trust concealing knives into hearts with a thrust, no fornication no lust, no traffic no rush, only fragrant green grass described briefly as beautiful yes lush

Surveillance nonexistent, nothing to be resistant towards, no human awards, chords sung with meaning thanking God, all balanced and even, nothing odd

Say my childhood dreams matter, I’ve been wanting unity and peace before teasing battered my heart, they tried slashing hope away burying brighter art

I look for a different country. In a better place.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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