Author Key Lock Heart

I respect these significant keys to your guarded life and compassionate heart, rarely given, acknowledge and respect the high position

I know it’s not easy opening blank pages to another author in your story, will they be collaborative or seeking vainglory an unfolding painful allegory

Secretly I feel the same don’t want drama don’t want games, do want a Christian wife praising God in Jesus’ name free from the world and without shame

Pray, cry, laugh, live, give, take, bake, rake, make pancakes, avoid fakes, wise as serpents, wide awake, in agreement saying God is good yeah God is great

I give my keys generously to you, not asking for them back when wrestling feelings during a spat, leave childish ways off our maps, giving in can’t picture that, all respect I’ll tip my hat

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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