Fighting Cans Screaming They Can

Too busy to be connected can’t even dial and yeah it’s been a while around you, I’m not sure if I should smile our separation does damage something I’ve never been able to manage, so I dive into stagnant material things that never leave but have excuses sure they are like you, apathetic to my words.

Fighting cans screaming they can bring better days in sluggish walk derailed talk tipsy numb feeling lost, tossed, in different jungles words whispered maimed while mumbled awaiting a slow-acting affliction to die completely humbled alone, God, negativity is trying to make a comeback as a heavy backpack Jesus’ love attacks .

Feelings lie, fear smears feces claiming it’s Reese’s giving spoons out causing weak knees buzzing in my ear sick, rocked by troubled waters programmed thirsty bees to dehydrate the spirit, spoil my stomach from meat or milk about to go back to Baptist ways, Lord Jesus help me move about these days I’m so frayed.

I’m holding on to you, I’m holding on to you. During this storm, I’m holding on to you, holding on to you more as those who wait on the LORD soar.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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