Sidewalk words,

Solid under feet and ignored by eyes,

Are we going to play silent roles?

Pretend we’re not interested while peeking,

Get home and settle down missing points,

Upset moments we should have spoken came and we hurried in fear,

Going on our way.


I miss you.

Should have begged you to stay.

Now I’m too cold and distant to return.

I see you on the other side of this rope bridge I’m about to burn.

Turn around forever.


Going separate ways.

Days apart worse than sub-zero temperatures I’m freezing.

Sneezing, nose running, eyes leaking, for what, for hope.

Better let me know if I’m wasting time dreaming of hugging you.

I miss you, this hurts me, yet I can’t complain I’m not worthy.


Looking at the sidewalk, swear my heart outlined in black cherry dark chalk.

Praying, God, remove these thoughts, all these false starts.

We walk going our own ways.

Dinner for one always talking about two but I never see her is this what true love does and what should I do?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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