That David Speech

That David speech, Psalms with which we preach, outwards to all let the Gospel reach, representing all humble and meek, finding joy at God’s Holy Spirit Heavenly peak, broadcasting, forever yeah everlasting

I’m a member of the two step, training ambassador disregarding right or left, all I’m concerned with is doing what Jesus commands not what humans suggest, may my Father tattoo his words inside my chest, rock, fortress, true rest


I read Psalms and marvel, how brilliantly displayed on instruments well played still performed in numerous ways extremely blessed lyrics within, strongholds slayed

My contribution to Sunday services passed down from generations it’s in my royal blood I see David hitting notes making joyful noises so will I, seen and unseen praise to the Most High, may my fellow brothers and sisters join Jesus in the sky at his coming then we’ll really get the drummers drumming.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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