Dumpster Depth

Know where I should go but it’s raining just a bit much,

Traveling a broken pathway on an inadequately maintained trail,

Feet hurt and my eyes stay filled with tears but I’m moving,

Smiles evaporate before my eyes I should be stronger but my arms are limp against any resistance,

I’m afraid again of a cage for the bent ways I’ve traveled without direction, life an intersection my weak mind hasn’t processed correctly my childhood hands still cold and empty.

God save losers, weak people just like me. God save people in corners unaware of freedom. God save us from violent screams of suicide pinching eyes hearts and minds, we need your love more than ever at this time.

Waking up afraid, tired, do I have to do this again exactly when will I believe and receive brighter days within?

This mask is heavy.

They say I should come before you and cry.

I’ve got nothing else left.

So I’m bringing my tears, bringing my failures to you.

YOU, You know me.

YOU, see who I am.

I’m tired of pretending I’m fine.

This mask is heavy.

Some say, I need the right password.

Some say, it’s a formula to get close.

Some say I must be filled with sin!


Dear Father, what do you say?

I’ll read and believe, read and receive it all.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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