Library Rapping

I’m your brother reaching out with wide eyes can you understand and meet between elder trees and discuss life without applying a sharp knife I’m trying to get my mind right.


I write under flickering lights on my way to understand God’s love I’m all ears disappear under then resurface with greater purpose I’ve never imagined a fool could gain godly wisdom in school nicknamed a bold mule but I’ve ceased kicking digest scripture finger-licking good I eat then grow sow righteous plants more yo blow past enemies at all hours not by my strength only in God’s power faces sour oh well after I learn my identity it’s over that’s why the enemy continues coyote boulders to stop roadrunner gunner with no carnal weapons then leave them guessing out of time according to the Holy Scriptures all things are mine shine.


This ain’t no fickle fascination patiently waiting for orders I’m being reinstated glad God brings backsliders back wheels connected firmly on track train moving along in his grace I’m being changed daily so while recovering I’m also healing without or with feelings even in my darkest hours God’s faithfulness keeps wheels oiled never squealing appealing to his children and others sisters and brothers fathers and mothers let’s celebrate within his gates selected to participate in his household treasured more than silver or choice gold God make a man strong, bold.


Even in sadness finding gladness reasons to praise Jesus owns my days clay in the hand of the potter better submit his joy makes me rich I’m just a simple man on knees praying saying please heavenly Father ensure I’m staying in your light whole armor well fitted bless me with understanding and wisdom so I’ll get it blessings like confetti mixed with sparkles even godly after a gargle I marvel at the author and finisher of my faith run into his strong tower then I’m safe please Lord meet me smiling at your gates.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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