Taking Off Selfish Clothes

I’ll tally hours, giving them back to you when it’s appropriate.

Loneliness lies with great exaggerations, dramatic speeches.

Claims, accusations of an empty space perpetually in place.

Fear has every type of mask and costume.

Forgive caked unbelief in my eyes.


God hears about you every night,

His will be done and I pray our lives are lived together within it,

God knows I’ve cried, searched for you,

Fear knows it too, wants to sabotage all we have,

Waiting is torture but upon arrival, you’ll be here.


Through my chosen actions, selected words,

What am I wearing? What am I showing?


God says boy you’re gonna learn to trust,

Life isn’t a microwaved meal, it’s not about what you feel or want,

It’s about what you need.

Look above more than on anything else and know my love,

It’ll shine through you to everyone,

It’s not about getting what or who you want but being prepared for it,

Or else you’ll misuse, devalue gifts.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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