Daily Battlefield Lament

Cares of this life, slap me

They join hands, then stomp me

I’m stronger, in Jesus

Still I seem to be against the ropes these days.


Negativity with a hand on my shoulder, speaking of dregs, vile defiling bitterness

God, I feel like I’m drowning in, pointless imaginations and corruption, your children win yet I feel horrid gusts, breath of the enemy’s grin.


I’m not satisfied anywhere afraid

Fear blowing cigar smoke into my eyes

I’m crying now, Father hold me tight

No one has taught me how to fight creatures banned from light

As soon as I wake up worries uppercut my jaw, their right crosses aren’t the cross I have in mind


Am I doing enough? Praying enough? Reading enough? Not so tough?

Should I call out the bluff that I’m abandoned and frail?

Looking up the sky but catching hail, An illusion for my eyes but I refuse the scales.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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