Ray’s Comfort

We’ll abandon our umbrellas just to hold each other tighter during threatening storms passing in our heads.

This isn’t time for shame, no reason to be afraid, you better know I won’t leave you alone.


Cymbals crashing clashing before sentences end, don’t forsake my arms bring your concerns and sadness in.

Heal, heal, heal.


Things seem difficult now, do you think I’ll pull away and run?

We’ll be better after this worse, you’re not going to leave my sight, I was made to comfort in times like these, to remind you God loves you more than anything you’ll face, taste his mercy and grace.


Broken eyeglasses tonight, can’t see anything at all it all feels far from right, squeeze my hands and arms real tight, we’ll brace ourselves against the wind.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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