Umbrella August

Love in the heaviest rains

Under pressure, high-end tension

That’s how you know

When they stay even as walls close

But I will have no pleasure in a coward

Always a reason to retreat

Sleep well with the traitor tattooed on feet

You put holes in my umbrella.

Continuing to swim in question marks

Hooks, sweet looks, nothing solid in any book

Well maybe, we’ll see, you know I need time

Can’t let anyone know, you know I really love you though

Sidewalk residence with an index finger silence stoplight

You know I love you

Just can’t come out with it yet

Go stand in the rain dummy, wrapped up mister mummy

Think this is serious and it is when I want it to be

Hooked fish ain’t going nowhere

So she smiles, giggles, while I wear a crown of stupidity signs of a fickle tickle trickle throat waterfall

Rain reminds, my tears come and go

Feeling like a complete moron in a downpour

But on sunny days I forget about how things really are

Under a worthless umbrella, called her secret love.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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