AFK Joint

Away from keyboard thinking, input line blinking, thoughts arise seated I’m sinking need to pay attention to instruction God help me function sometimes when I complete a day I think it was all for nothing,

Well done good and faithful servant wishes but all I see are dirty dishes I’ve served half-hearted like I pray God gives me a C and it’s good enough to skate, half-asleep, Lord, will I ever wake, how dare I present offerings half done unfinished cake to the table like a masterpiece, foolish Edmond speech.


Days go by, I feel like I’ve lost signal, indicator in a trash can.

Nights go by, I feel like lip service King, speaking without power over anything.

Afternoons fly, choices I’ve made tell stories and never lie.

We only do what we want to, sleep and repeat on hooks, only pay attention after our itinerary shook.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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