Lockbox keys handed in a letter directly addressed on a pile of confessions privately expressed to only one hun I’ve retired from bursts of fire eye-rolling inquires ceased creased

Valentine hearts in September always remember our joy even though your dad thinks I think of you as a toy yeah greatly annoys swears I use black magic ploys but I wanted sincerity and compassion which you tripled to my core heartfelt ripples never used against me never crippled our love soared

I should have been available but was scared how I’d breathe until I couldn’t stomach a decade and a half plummet it all crumbled but with you I stayed humble speaking directly never mumbled honey butterflies and bumblebee gut fluttering so here we are freestyling inside air-conditioned cars.


While you sleep I pray to be a better man to God first then you knowing good times feel great but hard times hurt feet still I wish to walk staying complete meet and greet with church friends serving the household saving souls accepting God-given goals the Almighty provides I won’t panic at road tolls never feed famished trolls

Taking hold instead of giving up no more quicksand far from stuck struck with God’s favor better than worldly luck goal meet puck submitting all denying the flesh refusing to buck dearly beloved we’ll shine not possessive but you’re still mine say the same always it’s fine what a rare find!

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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