Blocked Carol

Instead of worst case scenario galleries Valerie why not try another take I think I’ll be great to take a break from broken glass and dead end words how disturbing I’m disturbed of your fondness regarding crying on every curve every block until losing a complete stock of tissues bullied by every issue Jesus Christ and I miss you so weep then recover brother to sister oh how I’ve missed you sincere no need to wear a mask here.


Oh it’s been raining surely hurricane season feeling God slamming on brakes pads and metal squealing but it’s not true you are more than circumstances focus on Heavenly kingdom advances look I’ve been negative and worried felt lukewarm spit out by Jesus empty of God’s glory a cautionary tale sad story flat beverage unwanted flat without flavor eye roll provoker concerning our savior so I get it still come home and hug God and he’ll have a great celebration and he’ll reminisce over you my God your God the God Almighty it’s all dark but his light still shines brightly although eyes fail.


Instead of erasing your work let it breathe it’s the medicine I’ll receive and look past myself getting help from its beauty why are you scared it’ll be rejected the best of the best have been neglected beaten mentally found peace in release stop grinding teeth better to try than regrets based on fear when we die I see in middle age a turning page let every line blaze their own trails a walk in a new forest I’ve been looking for your point of view blueberry breakfast with honeydew God installed your desire to speak through poems write a few change the world a hue or two I was feeling yellow backed by eyes down blue until you.


Beauty in ignored containers

Stop flirting with a joy killer

Pessimism doesn’t suit you

Isolation doesn’t salute you

They laugh as you dance

With all your might

Got you in trance like, nothing will ever change, should be strange but, you’ve made yourself home.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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