Wind In Both Ears

Emotions whisper needles, promises of high fixes with end results dead in ditches laying face down

What about what you feel and want said with a frown, tell it to walk away, it’s not beneficial, faulty crown

Expectations and our plans are cool scribbles of moveable imaginations often immature, dribble, wake up and stand firm



Center everything we can control and go forward.

Jesus, I see how anxiety creeps up, tentacles wrapping my arms saying hello abandonment is a fact

It lies, swears God is always angry, asks me to run after throwing razor tip tacks on my path

Swears I’ll be left alone with end credits creeping upon my sinster ending, why bother living it’s all to die, I believed depression before and it’s all a lie

God please allow me to see this life as you do, no matter who leaves I can always trust in you


Center my mind.

Ahead, on you.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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