Harmony Harvest

Echo chamber fight

Mirror battle nights

Something isn’t right

Distorted sight

Wishing for flight

Many bites yet still empty.


Chasing my tail

Afraid of living a tale

In which I’ll always fail

Locked up without bail

Longing to sail

Broken legs on a long trail

Negative weak arms flail

Self piling in a dirty pail.


God please strengthen me

In Jesus I am free

No more apathy

Sour attitude rotten sea

Clear my selfish debris

Correct me if I disagree

Return hope and glee

Please hear my poem plea.


I pray for all who feel lost

On a cramped boat being tossed

Sometimes we can feel abandoned

Thinking we missed something commanded

Swearing too much is demanded

Forgetting Grace and mercy

Oh God you are more than worthy

We’re denying self the flesh is wordy

Remind us of your love.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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