What I Wish To Think Instead Of Blemishes

Instead of good things and peace

My mind prefers premium drama never to cease

Ignores Holy scriptures but remembers ugly pictures

Battlefront battlefield mind coated with stricture

Garbage floating piggybacking every thought

Literally causing headaches desperately I pray they stop

It’s like when I stand up oftentimes I flop

Sowing good but an enemy sows tares within the crop

Then I’m caught off balance pants dropped best efforts sour slop can’t focus insecure exposed unlocked

God you hear it teach me to walk in the Spirit

Only way to live is in your love and voice

Obey and trust without sight stay in your marvelous light

Jesus Christ the truth the Lord only way to be right

Teach me how to use spiritual warfare against blight.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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