When You Just Don’t Want To Argue Anymore

Keep it separated and locked away

Better if I stare and ignore my feelings

That’s what you’re teaching me

Saying I’ll stay guilty when I think of you

Pretend it’s better to be numb

Perhaps it is ignorant so dumb


Expressing my fears eyes roll

So let my tires do the same

Burning with uncertainty just ignore the flame

Play along no longer serious it’s all a game

Can’t dodge responsibility self to blame

Regret introductions using a real name

It’s all perfect sugar cane rain

Bury yeah hide every pain, thinking of you better abstain, nothing more to attain, settle down refuse to complain, never respond with disdain, clueless why I chose to entertain, perhaps our connection labeled mundane, any clarity here let it be regained, sometimes hearts lay still slain

Keep it

Locked away and separated

Smile and nod while uneven at odds inside.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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