1000 Island

Tired of floating

Where’s your voice

This ordinary track, I’ve ran and I’m done

Floating for days without oxygen, cannot breathe


Too plain



I’m eating food but I need spiritual dishes, fat body, skinny spirit, let me hear it more than public radio in both ears, pride defeated make it disappear to draw near to Jesus my strength in God, silent season so odd scales for eyes clarity thick fog dirty grime unclean cogs I need to be cleaned

God almighty intervene

Seems like I’m off track unable to get back it’s my learning lessons understanding reshaping better blessings a thousand island coming together dressing caressing Jesus’ feet I refuse to be discreet, because without him I almost tapped delete, God’s right arm timely as always preparing for the ultimate meet and greet strong in Jesus especially when I’m weak I fold hands to worship him even in sleep.


Your love is what I’ve always wanted

Felt you gaze, I’m different ways, even when I was unsaved, uninterested

You didn’t lead me out of where I was to leave me now

Thank you.

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