Garbage Post: Two Lighters

Better consider how I’m placed and where I am

Empty road empty bed empty phone here I am

And it’s all to teach me to walk alone

Don’t hold anyone or anything they all gone,

Who am I gonna dial without a working tone

Where will I go when every place ain’t home

Only in Heavenly places with Christ is rest

Everywhere else seems to cause abundant stress

I was holding arms but they declined

I was making friends but them friends ain’t mine

Stepping out without guidance cost time

Instead I’m gonna regroup and ask the Spirit,

Pay full attention without greving God let me receive it hear it plainly without lip service let me act and speak

Clean up my days and weeks

Even praise God for everything bed plus sheets

God thank you for you allowing Edmond to reach

Glory to you always I’ll be your hands and feet

Let me think about you awake and as I lay down to sleep.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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