Casting Lines In Carolina

You are the reason I leave warm blankets and trust good things are waiting patiently ahead.

Ending my story has been pitched as a new series, enemies claim suicide surrender will be more merciful than life.

Whispers asking why I won’t die, no reasons to try, claim God passes me by, doesn’t care hopes I fry, clowns me then sighs, evil indifferent eyes curses for lullabies face meet, pie.


Jesus, let me sing a song we can hum to, get myself in line, ditch my understanding for your gentle mind.

Tell me I’m loved. Give me a hug. Tell me you’re here. Tell me there’s nothing to fear.


Promise you won’t leave a dizzy man fighting off thorns from worldly cares, oh I need your confirmation, break up all complications bless perseverance guide applications right where I should be stationed.

Stand in shower and wash yeah scrub, please take away my sins Jesus so I’ll be clean, following your love with a new heart, starter perfect automatic start, have mercy on me please.

Fighting whispers asking why I won’t die, suicide lurking standing by but I want and will trust in God.


Casting lines in Carolina on the sea, God will strengthen me fully, you are more than I can see, role model yeah who I want to be.

Tell me, I’m loved. Tell me, you’re accepting hugs. Let me cry until I’m empty then fill me up with your goodness. Yeah fill me up with hope. Renew my love and guide please.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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