Crisp Carolina Cold Caravan

Settling down in a fresh cold

Warm inside with new places to go

Gonna leave here behind setting the mind above

Done with preparation cease hesitation to sit at your feet

Join my brothers and sisters wide-eyed listening to Jesus speak

Something is already new this morning, I’m thirsty for water I cannot see, running in circles has left me weary, Jesus smiles and provides a space to listen and love him dearly, so I sit down.

Come have breakfast and watch the sun clock in for another day made for and by the Lord

Teach me how to lose my life and take up yours

I’ve been fighting submission but your course is the proper course.

Mirror attack chained to self always looking back but not today

Joining my brothers and sisters hearing and obeying following what you say

Oh, something is new this morning, within stretching and yawning a fresh desire to be closer has come, I was running circles indifferent, half numb, but now I’m taking time to sit and learn, thirsty for water I cannot see.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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