Great Grace

This level of love is remarkable

Forgive my questions and hesitation

Checking out your terms and conditions

Scratching a pondering mind nothing is missing

Hard to comprehend that someone wants all of me

I think I understand how you see all and know all even the darkest deep

You know I’m flawed but still remain

God loved before continues presently without plans to change

Grace and mercy given

Even far off as an enemies you sent your son to pay for our sin

Called us to believe in your love and new life begun a new way begins.

Are you sure you want to think about me

Counting my hairs and guiding me in your ways

Taking the low and exalting them in you for you by you

The greatest part is I’m not alone abandonment never on the table

Abide in the vine so fruit comes forth plus you shine through your vessel

Called to believe via compassion mercy love and grace.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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