Pressure Release Hit Send

Longing for something else

What you’ve been waiting fumbles, it’s unprepared

Still on standby standing far off

Cords and cables wrapped, ineffective patterns

Inside, strength is dying out

Sunset without any beauty to be seen

Emptiness and emotions lie swearing oceans are dry

Shovel or pen? Bury it write it out, hit send? Twirl or let go? Maybe turn around as words fail this hyped tale isn’t pretty anymore.

They like erasable ink to play

Place your hopes on paper but they may be scrubbed away

Guess it’s better than promises then retraction

Still neither one is where you want to be, clothed in dissatisfaction

Prayer after prayer, God please take me from this

According to your will, will you take me away from here as well

Eyes wonder elsewhere, sighs multiply

Trying not to grumble, as the fire dies

Gotta stay bright and positive for everyone so hide the dirty dishes

Guess it’ll be shovel after all.

Scrubbing, heart walls. Don’t miss any stains of uncertainty please cleanse it all. Can’t keep burying feelings in the back yard. Ignoring all the mounds is too hard. Back to shovel or pen. Another pressure release, hit send.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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