Garbage Post: Last Season Dropped Salt

Point my dirty fingers at your heart

Swear you’re the reason I feel lost

Make you responsible but these are my parts

We’ve had so many runs all seem like false starts

Every I love you sounds good then departs never lasting long on the charts

Picking up where we left off last season dropped salt

Ice cold weeks twisting and turning under ice sheets

Murmuring while stomping my feet searching for satisfaction one day I’ll learn to look above understand peace happens when I’m done being prideful cease my finger snapping.


Change my tone and focus walk alone

Thank God for his mercy grace and long-suffering yeah atone

Stop covering up my filth funk under cologne

Maybe he’s stripping away my crutches idols dethroned

I’m grown yet experiencing growing pains I groan

Incorrect focus missing most of the big picture thoughts overblown

So now it’s shown prayer and submission needed more

Ain’t embarrassed to bring weaknesses to Jesus’ feet knee to the floor

A new season new roar

Sorry for my attitude I’ll change find new shores

Recieve my Lord’s messages in his riches I’m never poor


Last season we left off with a cliffhanger but this time out every episode a guaranteed banger I’m free no hanging around motionless arms connected to clothes hangers we’ll arrive.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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