Commence Quality Moments

Cross my heavily guarded borders and change my land.

I’ve tried to come to you but all I do is crawl and mumble, hesitate stutter stumble, my efforts built only to immediately crumble.

Everyone I’ve loved lived across canyons, even intimate companions, sadly, Almighty God I can’t fathom anyone staying.

Oh I know you say you’ll never leave or forsake, I quote it every single day, but in the alleyways of my mind nails are gnawed, mouth foams, heart trembles.


Greatest fears, widely smeared, cracks appear, hold me tighter, am I being tossed at sea, without an anchor no hope for me, illusions and accusations until eyes see, bottom of unbelief sea.

Reassess creed, six feet from the edge and I’m thinking it’s a short six feet, God we need quality time to speak, closer than air hungry lungs seek, remove my security fence, so quality time can commence.


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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