Garbage Post: Grape Fern

God, guide me through all my days.

I’ve tasted, I’ve seen, I’ve felt, I’ve witnessed- your love.

Through hazy mental jungles, case of flesh always itching, help me look up where my treasure is stored.


All I want is to see as you see.

Be everything I should be in thee.

Jesus, my Lord, My God, My Savior.


Conversation and heavy communication without interruption defeated mirror eyesight clearer proper view of function.

I don’t want to hear the world’s lies anymore.

Injected self-destructive programming going out of date, no updates.

Wiping my windshield, couldn’t see past myself, sludge on glass couldn’t see past, internal flash, I gasped.


It was you or the dead end

Days of wilderness or promise.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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