I sent my prayers before God’s throne packaged correctly into the sky, please Lord quickly answer thanks for the reply

Trusting in the unseen, hope pure, God’s robe got me clean my Savior’s sacrifice created mercy, record clean, Psalms and alms palm trees

Who I am in Christ simmering nicely my doubt dicey added ingredients to bring the dishes I’m dealing with to the one and only Almighty

David musician listen to the harp and more, worship God bed car work bathroom carpet floor, waiting on God to get them wings eagles soar



Who I am sent to be,

Everything I’m meant to be,

In the body of Christ a symphony,



I toss and turn to learn may bridges never burn as I pray in my body past the flesh, God is more than what my brain expects cashing checks I’ve never seen before not down on earth, but in Heaven may my treasures stay there so my heart will as well friend I’ve got so many tales of feeling incomplete but my Lord and Savior Jesus loves his sheep

Humble living meek even through shadow valleys surroundings triple bleak if he feeds the birds carefully kissing their beaks how much more for you and I that’s mercy and grace perfect peace I’ll testify beautiful brown within my eyes wonderfully made all praise to God on high one love


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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