Garbage Post: Anxiety Lure / Couple Fight /

Daydream nightmares haunt on pause

We shouldn’t be marinating in sinister question marks

Amazed by dark red electric sparks

Taking joy away replaced cruel slippery spots

Paralyzed in if what if pops

Confidence arises dead stop

Spilled milk need a new head and add another for the mop

Anxiety burns freedom greedily

Plug all leaks speedily.


Honey I’m just glad you’re here

If we fall let’s be on the same floor

Don’t separate the enemy begs for isolated targets

Stop dreaming of being a burden I’m certain you’re worth prayers and pain growing up spiritually mature

Who is perfect? I’ll wait.

Oh like I’m flawless. I’ll wait.


Took many tears to get here I’m not leaving without you I still want you

Mistakes. Fears. Problems. Uncertainty. Still stay.

I rather be mad in bed with you than anywhere else our problems will pass they are glass pray fast the enemy bashes a super bash we have a stash of ammunition in spiritual realms it never fades we’re warriors together on our knees asking God for strength and mercy

Still stay.


I finally love myself so I can love her more

Even when I’m annoyed she’s what I’ve asked for

Opening doors strengthening floors counting scores welcomed perspective

Anxiety was a heavy chain yeah rapper’s necklace

As iron sharpens iron so I’m quick to hear

Stop rolling my eyes when my queen speaks dearly beloved crystal clear.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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