Victorious Together Remember

I’ve heard you crying asking why strength is absent

Who keeps telling you to quit and die

Who tells you doing so will save and improve lives

Who tells you I love you lines are all lies,

Thoughts in your head vicious

Thoughts in your voice suspicious

We’re battling unseen monsters

Victorious together remember when you’re under the weather

I cry to God asking how I can show my feelings better,

So you know the enemy is an accuser

How can you win everyone over and still be a loser

Depression is a liar in your voice full of pride resting in your head with an anvil and megaphone

Weighing you down cussing you out in private satanic telephone

I’m just a man but understand neither harm or abandonment a plan

When you cry I feel empty and helpless,

I’m familiar with this band’s records

I wore t-shirts foam fingers plus the novelty necklace

Hated myself so I ate yeah drank reckless

Played albums on repeat studied tracks music from the sheet

My favorite track was called black garbage

I’d sing along while friends and family begged to stop it

Had a friend take me to church and over the last few years I’ve canceled beers,

Remember we’re victorious together that’s why he wants you isolated I know his schemes be careful Satan is clever

Hold my arm until you get better I got you.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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