Peter And Walking

A silver key in my back pocket, power in my knees.

I feel drunk sober, stumbling over days, tripping over every night.

Bitter tears and fear beg me to forfeit life, Edmond, life is too scary and unpredictable.


I want an easy mode, I want total control, I want stable days, I want happy endings, comfortable beginnings, a secure cave.

All I see is me, missing parts I’m incomplete, mirror attack inside my head, can’t relax even in bed, I know this is a trick, emphasis on how I miss, instead of God above, need to focus on his love, instead of the enemy whispers to give life up, under fire.


Lord Jesus, I need you now, sinking into the ocean with hands sticking out.

Why doubt? Well, I was afraid.

Like Peter off the boat, requesting to come and be close, gotta stay focused on the right ONE, not the wrong circumstances.


Faith trusts in the way, faith trusts in the truth, faith trusts in the life, faith in Jesus instead of my eyes.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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