Always A Very Present Help

Even if I deserve it, don’t be silent to me

I’ve crawled up cliffs only to be thrown down to seas

Scrape my scalp and face looking for hidden in plain sight answers

Cried tears I’ve hated while grinding my teeth into powder

God, you know how I’m totally lost without you

No one can or will love me like you do


I’ve been searching human hearts for dedication

Honestly I’ve failed others so I’m not innocent

The glue of self, gripping my preoccupation fixation on me on my I

But even if I deserve silence, please don’t apply it

Because where can I go if you won’t look at me

Where can I run to and experience being free

Who can I trust when I can not trust myself

Only you Lord, a constant presence, a very present help


You don’t lie, you can’t lie, you say you’ll never leave

You say you’ll never forsake me

So don’t turn your eyes away

Hear me now, speak, allow me to hear what you say

I don’t deserve your goodness but please have mercy and give grace

Yes, I deserve silence but speak to me still



A very present help

A very present help.

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