Garbage Post: Packing With Thick Cardboard

Always packing

Storing feelings away

And I have too many boxes

Newspaper articles unresolved kept

Scrambled and blurred

Stuffed underneath

I’m always packing

Don’t know what it is I’m moving for

Always prepared to disappear

Prayers stored

For later always hurt

Because one day it’ll be too late

To say the pain I’ve kept hidden

Bubble wrap, please be careful with my fragile concerns

Flammable, oh I’m scared my dreams will all burn

Leaving me with empty dreams, alone on the white bed too scared to scream

Watching in horror as the room fills up with canceled opportunities drowning my soul

I’m always packing, leaving is the goal before I’m unwanted

Always unwanted tattooed fears display on their big arms

Throw him outside in outer darkness, depart ye I’ve never knew you

Pride lurking in every moment

Self a formidable potent opponent

Both hands on my neck

Tongue writing ricocheting checks

Even the gift of sleep taken away

Still, I’ll pray.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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