Roadside Winter Summerville

Coming up short

Just missing every finish line

Traveling courses haphazardly

And I’m afraid of

Wrecking on a lone stretch of road during a blizzard

Cold gaining momentum

Every inch of thought frozen in my head

Cut off from everyone

Almost there

A little short.


Efforts freezing in place

Prayers held during turmoil words kept in an incorrect peace

Pride or embarrassment but God wants these moments of weakness from me

I’m still thinking it’s my effort alone transporting me where I should be

Yet when he says stay still

Warmth overcomes all chill.


Still I’m afraid of coming up short

Almost home but I crash without any support

Wrong turn or over correct into a ditch no prayers left

Hazard lights on

Until my battery dies completely gone.


Just play the happy songs all the way home.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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