What is worst

A hand far away or a close one refusing

Focus, spent on passing clouds filled with promises and sound

Just a show, a show to draw attention away from real concerns

I’m drawn to you only to discover I’ve been deceiving myself, exaggerating your importance


What is worse?

Longing for you, looking for you, having you, only to find I’ve over seasoned the connection?

What’s worse?

Staring at you, waiting for you, putting off essential things for a loud busy tone, coming near but you’re gone.


Dump, buckets, of comfort I’ve wanted from you and your schedule, I should cancel my one sided appointments

Focus, on anything positive to replace any expectation of satisfaction being fulfilled on my silly little timeline daydreams

What is worse

Pleading while your eyes are closed

What’s worse

Holding onto air with a closed fist, angry when I awake knowing I’ve missed, missed something productive while holding love foolishly wrapped with vanity in us.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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