Band Of Silver

One ring

Covenant and more

Sealed inside our eyes and actions

Partner, strength, and satisfaction

It’s on my mind every hour

A connection filled with power

One ring I’ll never forget


26 thoughts on “Band Of Silver

      1. Holding on to one another for better or worse for life. As you probably know, it’s easier at the beginning and when things are positive however, the true test is through the fog of uncertainty. So loyalty, including the strong will despite the things that threaten to dissolve such a bond, is powerful and beautiful to me

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      2. Interesting. The things that threaten to dissolves bond???? Would you consider a man assaulting a woman something that should allow the bond to remain?

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      3. In that case I believe the assault would prove such a bond of which I speak doesn’t exist. A spouse is an intimate part of ourselves and to abuse them is not love or of love.

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      4. Love is not abusing each other, agreed. Yes, it can be an indication of that and it’s complicated but all I know is any abuse isn’t love and I cannot say I love someone while destroying them. No one can.

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      5. I agree. Love is unconditional. Not a rollercoaster of I love yours and I hate yous. One foot in and one foot out type of stuff. To cheat, belittle degrade and misuse an individual and assault abuse injure cause harm is an extreme and unsettling experience for anyone.
        As it creates a barrios of love being conditional.
        I dated a guy once who treated love like it was conditional. Conditional on whether I followed suit behaved properly enough for him etc he would use cheating as a punishment and belittlement. I learned quite fast that he was not love. Merely an individual who needed to practice more self love


      6. I see.

        Yeah there are a lot of versions of “love” that folks have but you’re right, that was not love on his part. Love doesn’t do that to anyone.

        I’m sorry you experienced that.

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      7. Never met someone so relentless about “convincing” me they hate me and are happier without me but so determined to cyber stalk me and attempt to get my attention with fake accounts


      8. Ugh. That’s terrible. As you’ve said, it’s good that you’re away from him. Too many stories of others staying until it’s too late.

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      9. Right! Bruh the eerie part of it is he literally created a shit ton of fake blogs so that he could blast me or smear me as a narcissist. As I tel my story of what he did to me. 🤔🙄 tons. Like homie don’t you work. Do t you got anything better to do with your day. Imagine how much time and energy it takes to Create all those fake accounts AND create content for them. I mean his voice never changes so you can tell it’s him but still you really gotta have some issues Togo through those extremes


      10. But wait tell me my curiosity still remains. Is this a current bond you obtain? Or is this an opinion on which you have towards that bond?

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