Near you, I crave being near

God I know the just will live by faith

I must believe that you are and reward those who diligently seek you

So the asking begins, the seeking sets in, I’m knocking while believing doors are opening

One day at a time, things above set in my mind

Your true love is all, your goodness steers us to repentance


Near you, near you

We’re finally able to take eyes from self

Near you, near you

We can finally shake off all else

Boldly come to your throne for mercy grace and help.


Can not live on bread alone

Every word preceding from God is home

Instead of running or hiding I’m here

Doubt dies when I rest in you

Can’t always trust what I see or hear

Out in this world of cheap tricks destined to disappear

One day at a time we reach, closer

Craving, yearning for the Almighty.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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