Mute And Delete

And they say I’m fine if I behave

But I’ve never followed along humans are fickle

Prepare all for loving self a sour pickle in the end

Focusing on any and every thing but eternity

Yo think about it if this is all I’d rather stay in bed than crawl out of my bedroom


So cancel what they tell you to cancel only to end up next

Do as thou wilt just submit your understanding they’ll drive take a rest

Taking God out of the scene makes every red light look green for a time

While the father of lies laughs hoping you’ll share his brimstone bath


Those promising freedom now without fee reconigize you’ll be paying dearly later yeah you’ll see

They claim it’s a choose your adventure but every ending will end with a gotcha envelope unable to climb up again with false hope rope.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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