Yellow Drive Indicator

Drive me to you

All I want is in you



True love, not as the world gives

Peace of mind

Please make it all mine

I’m running out of time

Set my eyes


Show me behind the scenes

Ignore bright screens

I see why you called I want all you offer

Jesus Christ writing my life the best author

Holy Spirit speaking may I obey God’s teaching

Reaching bleaching stains Clorox ain’t got a thang over the wonderful King of kings

Drive me to you and I’ll wait then soar like eagle wings

No longer call myself garbage I’ve been bought with a price

Not with perishable things like gold diamonds silver or ice

Wedding feast time throw some jasmine rice

You’re more than an advisor my advocate with perfect advice always right

As for your commands they soothe like eucalyptus lotion on dry hands

Drive me to you

My number one prayer is don’t leave me to myself

My understanding is flawed expired shelf date no time left

Peace not as the world gives

Bring me into your courts so David and I can breakdance

Make new music snapping fingers clapping hands members of the band on the Holy rock of Jesus we stand.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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