Garbage Post: Awaiting Vehicle

The battered road I came from is filled with potholes damaging balance.

Symbols crash in my head while I attempt to escape.

Feeling time expiring via pains in my chest.

Tie my shoes and prepare to walk towards a car awaiting my best.

Scratches on my back how did they arrive?

Clawing at my soul hoping I don’t survive.

The old way is dull so pale so cold oh well they say it’s familiar.

No connection with anything I’ve seen, no connection with anything heavenly, so I’ll get in headed to my baptism waiting for my escape.

Dead ends do mount weighing down ends I’ve been walking sadly in circles.

Surely I just need to take a ride with brethren who know better ways.

From my city yeah from my best in an attempt to break away.

In the ear-shattering thunderstorm a vehicle waits for me.

Relocation while I cease participation in something new and profound.

Press the gas pedal let’s get out of here.

Vehicle taking me where I belong.