Garbage Post: Garbage Curb

Another long day and I continue running the loop with dragging feet stuffing tears within my eyes with something to eat feeling emotionally beat my lack of strength not discreet beating disappointment away to barely sleep creep I am sighing under loud fans hot.

Knots knock block top efforts excuses flow on cold rocks ice bricks I shift without finding comfort and I know it’s not God’s fault I feel like bland table salt worthless like an empty vault filled with question marks full tank of gas without combustion void of sparks lower than most on a cognitive chart gather my efforts only to fall apart in every part sighing under fans, lukewarm distance hot daylight banned.

Feeling like I’m on the outside again but it’s my fault twisting things like I’m a victim knowing I can do better arms inside a sweater unwilling to get life together falling asleep in bad weather better

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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