I’m feeling far from satisfied these days

Mixed in with disappointment and numbness in all of my ways

I could do better but I won’t, just wasting time

Don’t know where to begin, every moment feels like sin

Answering calls from my body distracting my mind with poison sensual vines

Blinded by the real so I crave something I can feel.

Something to dull my sensitive skin

Something to ignore where I’ve gotten myself in

Hiding my screams under the troubled water surface

Something to hide my feelings claiming I’ve lost all purpose


Pray for

The people who hurt silently

Pray for

Those taunted by fear

Asking God if something is wrong with me

Asking God why I won’t simply believe at all times

Why do I stay silent and selfish, oh God please cure this disease

A little smoke

A few drinks

A couple of plates

On the brink

Anything that I can feel because I don’t feel well

Tickling my senses

Dismissing my defenses

To feel.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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