The Aftertaste Of Social Interaction

Another box in a box, boxing, minutes

Stay far away but come closer

I need you I don’t need you, conflicted

Safer in my notebook than on Facebook

They don’t know me, truly, I don’t know them either

Strange, strangers

You should get to know me but as for getting to know you, I’ll pass, doesn’t it stink high fiber extra gas, driving forward to crash, I’m still flawed big deep gasp, grasp, important concepts surely I will before the big spill, wish mental focus could be delivered via a pill, pointless dead-end thoughts I’d like to kill, am I making any progress on pilgrim’s progress hill?

Fill another tank but it’s depleted throughout the day, picking and choosing hopefully wisely in what I say, honest work taxed and miscalculated pay, work away days for checks rent kept at bay, around folks who couldn’t care less for each other, nay, the fog of stranger’s nonchalant sway, audible audibles to survive human interactions switch the play.

Strange, strangers

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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