Heavy pressure

Days needed away for growth

Somehow I’m tangled with a pessimistic hope

Like not exactly sure for me

Because I know how I am

Mister hold back sir dam

Waiting in a wasteful wait


Heavy pressure

Feeling less attentive

Heavy pressure


I don’t understand why


Distractions yell hey look

Mind follows the broadcast until the head shook

Caught sleeping awake and I don’t like it

Nonsense thoughts constantly playing they weren’t invited

No one to blame when the heart isn’t farsighted

In God’s word my whole being should be delighted

At the least I should be excited seeing another day eyes lighted

Field of thorns and I’m torn resolve worn another storm

God Almighty please don’t forsake me stay involved and shake me help me seek thee daily even under pressure.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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