Will we make it to understanding’s gates

I see dawn after dawn featuring question marks of our current path

And distractions keep us busy so we don’t notice long miles behind and ahead

Pretty lights pass then we realize our cares are temporary station change static focus blurry

The moments we’ve been waiting for arrive to be ignored like we’re instantly bored power ceases wrong steps pulled cord Lord Jesus correct our concerns these lessons we learn but slowly is anything firm hmm?

Will we travel, on the broad road, destruction ahead, every traffic light red, our motors’ lives over, vessels dead, stop signs ignored accidents crashing gnashing teeth searching for a rearview mirror, what happened?

Will we overcome?

Don’t look at me

What do I know

Got my own salvation I’m learning about am I dipping toes eyes closed kiss from the rose on a grave sealed no thorns

Will, you, pray, for, me, instead of, shaking your head pretending I’m dead because of something I’ve said you didn’t like

Because I see question marks but all you see are exclamations.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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