Sally Rose

She looks towards my face for comfort

And I know it, it scares me so

Because I take things for granted, eyes closed

Coming up short hurts me because I know when disappointment is displayed upon her face

Don’t get me wrong, I try to do my best or is this just a line for sympathy, make a guess and in time we’ll see

Errors and flaws, thorns and claws

Am I mistaken when we argue and I swear I’m giving my all

Afraid I’ll fail, afraid I’ll be driving for heaven and arrive at hell

Dramatic, it was the television shows I’ve watched, sad music playing as all was lost

You know the artistic types, throwing away an entire canvas only to wish they had not

I hope I’m a better man than that

Daydreams come alive we’re fighting together back to back protecting each other we’re always under attack

Pray for me to stay connected, keep every train of thought on track and on time

You are, I am, we are, united, may we hold our hands assured and delighted.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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