Reddish Black Pepper

You shouldn’t talk like this

Weak and tender at the wrists

Hopeful for hope

Looking for a pathway to rest and cope

In silence

Feels like muted violence

Falling from a mountain alone

What we feel isn’t really real

Missing pieces swearing an entire picture is before us

And have we changed to the same storm drain run off

Smile for a while

Scared and confused child

There’s something I seem to miss

But I shouldn’t talk like this

They say all of my prayers are futile

And somewhere violent I believe them

Because if I didn’t I’d pray through

I’m ashamed of what fear dares to do

Unseen progress waits to resume

For feet to crush weeds of dingy doom

And I’m never lost in God

Even one hand raised can be grasped faithfully saved

Pulled from deepest dark sea

Break me down so I’ll grow into a better temple for thee

And my enemies sneer as I strip off fading fears bless angels that cheer us that return.

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