Pickles And Bread

I’m praying for rain

Quiet cleaning alone

God I feel full of stagnant thoughts

If you will, if you want, you can clean my head out

Empty it all

Empty it all


Clean people don’t run in circles

Good children jump instead of hugging hurdles

Smart people don’t commit suicide via running in place until they die

Please don’t ask why I’m slower than molasses, constant blue screen of death crashes

Cut off from intelligence like social security number dashes, fractured

Empty Edmond, when he’s in control all progress goes backwards


I’m praying for rain upon my secret field where I hide

Need deep cleaning to remove rust and pride lazy lines aside, light switch flipped off when I try

They think I’m thirsty for attention I’m thirsty for Jesus and God, Holy Spirit intervention

Tell me when have you ever felt blessed and healed by thumbs up likes hearts or mentions

Empty it all soon the world will burn and fall whether it’s run walk or crawl may for the glory of God I do it all in all

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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