Testing Telescopes

I’ll never find daylight while hiding under my covers wasting time

Soggy pages bunching up ink wasted, time spent wastefulness gathered now

Feet unsure between unstable air and unforgiving ground

I look in the mirror no makeup still a clown, up then down, won’t settle

Confused between gas and brake pedals, a captain of folly chest displaying many medals

Am I among the lukewarm or rebels, quickly undone by petty pebbles

God please change my life from a disaster into a fully guided masterpiece by you, my master


If I matter, sit with me still

Navigate us past my roadblocks

I’m worn, torn, and weary.

Heavy weight, name, me

Head full of thought webs

Sit with me still

Promise I won’t carelessly roll downhill

Seems like any momentum spills

Any good thoughts secure and sealed

Will the word of God keep my mind filled, with above?


I’m testing telescopes,

I’m pulling every rope,

I’m looking out for hope,

Even if I need a microscope,

I’m looking out for hope.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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