Garbage Post: Bite Pool


Without direction.

I mean, it’s better than sinking still into stills of the past.

My mistakes have made me who I am.

And no one knows how far I’ve come because of God.


Peers just bite, bite, bite, fight, light light cigarettes and laugh.

At least I’m swimming.

Depression and suicide attempts tried to take that away.


I was sleeping, on the deep end

Overthinking, eyes open no blinking

In love with fear and it’s hands around my neck

Victim, always a victim

You can’t help but surrender, smoothie thoughts, blender

Trap upon trap, lap after lap, nightmares every nap, entertained enemies clap

They say if you weren’t so fat, if you weren’t so black, if you would kindly take your handgun and call it a wrap but I’d rather swim.



I’m here but I’m not here

These illusions pop and sparkle wildly

Wrapping feet with thorns what a trip

Ankles give and the will to live is tested

Invested some time you guessed it

Taking seriously the humor discarding rumors

Through suffering learn coordination, movements

Improvements leading to better choices

Fine tuning outer and inner voices

To swim.


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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